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drawing on paper
pencil, charcoal

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Aoyagi“ is an old Japanese folklore, which Irish writer Lafcadio Hearn re-wrote a story in early 20th century. The story is a tragic love story resemble to a Greek mythology, apollo and daphne, on the other hand the topic of the story is metamorphosis between human-being and tree.
My attention in the story is an interpretation about metamorhosis not a physical transformation but rather the recognition change against the object itself. If nature itself metamorphoses into the humans figure, the meaning of nature is not a scientific object but becoming an empathic object. In this case human-being is overwhelmed by natural law in spite of his fascination with natural beauty. I found the story as a representation of a proper interrelationship, as if to imagine a human-being metamorphosing into nature and nature metamorphosing into a human being. For these drawings I tried depicting the ambivalent image between commitment and detachment, through expressionistic and objectivistic way.