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Birds sculpture

mixed media
Gallery K&S, Berlin

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Occasionally, I watch birds. Birds come from the sky and rest on the branch. Then Birds fly in the sky again. Some people have fed the birds. I decided to try feeding them too. I made a sculpture for birds. The first feeder was covered with Gold foil. It was really beautiful work. I was satisfied with my work. But Birds did not come. I thought they might not like Gold. I fed them some fruit, apples, pears, oranges, bananas, plums, grapes, and so on. I have tried to feed them for three months.
A sky expresses our subconscious, and connects with everything in the world. But we do not know it. Birds is messengers from the sky, they bring a new thought from our subconscious.
Inviting the Birds means inviting new thought. So I try to invite them from the sky. Some Birds will leave droppings. These droppings include different seeds. I plant these seeds in the flowerpots.
After one month, these seeds will become buds. ivy, jujube, rose, vine and more. I will raise these plants. In the future they may make a forest. It will be named Birds Sculpture. The forest expresses our future society.