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Future Place

beeswax, light, wood, propellers
"A need of Realism"
CCA Warsaw
centre for contemporary art art ujazdowski castle

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"Future Place" is located below the ceiling, which goes around on the upper part of the wall. It is also unseen. But visitor can look at the light from the ceiling and smell a strong sweet fragrance. This is because I put beeswax on the second ceiling, and lamps installed under the wax. The Wax is melted by the light's heat and makes perfume. The room is filled with beeswax light. It means the room becomes close to a life form. The room's atmosphere is calm and moderate. 2 Propellers keep turning on the ceiling quite slowly. These things attract the visitor's desire to see what exists above the second ceiling. Of course we cannot do this but we will start to think creatively from here.