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The Last Land

video installation

"Vernacular Spirit"
Aomori Contemporary Art Centre


related drawing

Going out on the sea might be what becomes solitary. It cannot all over expect in the sea to be in the land even though the fisherman, and the wave that continues through eternity even makes it feel. They learn in the sea from the shape of the wave, it is also uncertain, and the uncertainty is reflected in few of the haul. Fishing is continuous of a long vain effort. Fisherman wanders about the sea, forecasts the haul that doesn't see, and bait is thrown. Bait is taken at once and he searches for the following place if there is around. The act looks like the appearance that angler requests fishing a large fish. I felt the appearance to chase one eagerly is possessed by something. I think that it something surpasses the normal fishing that they do as labour for keeping life. In such the one, something special one's own also catches the person's heart in ordinary life. It is groundless in it.