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Cloud machines
Rama Gottfried and Hideaki Idetsuki

kinetic / sound installation
Rice paper, Stepper motors, Computer control system,
Transducers(speaker), Lamps, Wire, Strings, Cables
Size variable

Complice, Berlin, Germany


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In the beginning of modern art, "dream" became metaphorical word. The dream is a key to human subconscious, the interpretation of which became the central theme of psychoanalysis, and the Surrealist movement. Music is an abstract art - but like a dream it is a non-physical abstraction that expresses the individual’s subconscious memory. Each memory is unique to the individual. The dream is a symbol linking reality and simulated reality; both of which are necessary for the life of human beings.

Another key concept is "emergence" which describes the materializing forms resulting from underlying processes in a system. It is the gestalt of elements found in organic life forms, the mind/brain function, and is also in computer systems, cellular automaton or game of life. Thus emergence is key link between computer systems and life systems. The "dream" is key link between reality and imagination. Clouds connect these two notions. The form of a cloud is emergent and not stable, even if the form is imaginable. Similar to a dream, clouds evoke the memory and imagination of the individual.→