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Stranger than Paradise

video installation
Kunstverein Aalen, Aalen Germany


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I was really stranger when I came here. I tried to contact with people in Aalen because I wanted to know about this town. I made invitations and handed out it 184 passengers at the main street. Then, Friday evening, I waited someone who guide me this town for going to their favorite place together. I kept waiting for long time but the person for me would not come yet. After 30 minutes just 1 person came and said, "I mean to guide you to this town, now I am seeking my friend for you. Just wait, I will be back." "Thank you for coming. OK, I will wait you." I said. I am happy because just 1 person would come for me. And I kept waiting again like little kids. This is tiny affair before starting big story. I am making starting point how to live for our trifling daily life. So I wait a little likelihood that probability is 1 in 184.