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Your Favorite places

video installation
"BIG Torino 2002" Torino young artists biennale, Turin


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This is one of the first town guide video for residents. I asked people in Torino at random, "Where is your most favorite place in here?" Half of answers said, "Nowhere." Others told me their favorite places. Then I shoot these places with video camera only once in each place. I merely make a video by their opinions. This video reintroduces the notion of everyday existence that resident's opinion was completely reflected. Therefore it was no cutting.
This video is screened in the fish market that usual people are using in daily life. The video keeps showing during the exhibition period. All the day and night, it still shows. The time of video is different from reality but image documents everything without mind. For that reason the video is like our sub-consciousness. The favorite places in the video are wonderful memories but the memories do not remain in our mind anytime like 24 hours running video.