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Aran knitting hat conference

fire place, participants
Gallery HIRAWATA, Kanagawa
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There is a conference but no means, no aim, and no progress. I have a purpose to open the conference. It is important thing for me to open the conference and invite many people. If someone is going to open the conference after my place, it is no problem.
The name of this exhibition come from Aran island, I was deeply impressed in this place. I hoped to share this experience, and then I thought about how to share this deep emotion.
In the beginning I have sent knit hats for five people who have never met. Because they have not met, they might encounter each other on the street wearing the same knit hat but they probably has not any greetings. When I open the conference, they will see each other for the first time. The conference will be a place of encounter, such a place that exists everywhere, but it is very hard to find the place. I try creating such a miracle chance. And I let people notice how lucky we are.

On another part, I installed an old fashioned stove or fireplace in gallery space. I make a fire everyday. It means another encounter chance. If someone starts gazing on the fire, ( Fire is quite important because fire expresses our origin and has mysterious power), the attractive flame lets him or her stay over 1 hour then they open the gate to their own landscape in their mind.
I open the conference in show-window styled space at busy town. While the conference is running, pedestrians who are mostly white-collar workers look at the conference and wonder.
After several years they will remember this conference, and think about what creation they have. I think that a busy town needs such a fireplace.