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photo: KONISHI Keizo

Hidden Library

public work project

A community built library (h 3.6×w 2.7×d 6.3 m),
books contributed by the 6000 village residents,
keys and specially designed key-fobs for book contributors.

The Hidden Library is a library which contains books that are significant to important points in the lives of those who have contributed them.
Like a retreat the library is located in a serene area of cedar forest on a hillside away from Kamiyama Village. The library's door is not open to everyone; only residents from the village have the opportunity to gain access. They can do this by contributing a book at 3 important junctures in their lives; graduation, marriage and retirement.
On submission of a book residents are given a key to enter the library and evoke their memories whenever they please.

→ * Construction Process
→ * Project report (German text), 35 pages pdf

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