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Connect with the forest

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→ In Winter season, Most of the leaves will fall down on the ground. The ring will show us its entire form clearer than ever. The ring will show its primary form between the branches with shadows. It will let us consider a wide difference and distance from the forest and man once more. Of course, nobody can see what is on the upper part of the ring, much less touch it. I hope that the ring will be covered with a lot of ivy and branches, and it will assimilate into the green of the trees. These things show us that the ring belongs to nature.
Someday after a long, long time, the ring will disappear entirely into the forest. It is an essential fate for everything. We will not be able to see the transformed ring in the future. It will be looked at by our posterity.

I hope to make someone have a sensitive response to the passage of time in an instant. I hope that the relationship between nature and man will be formed with proper distance.